White water sports on the Giffre river around Samoens

Enjoy all the white water sports with J’aime sport : Rafting, canoraft, hydrospeed and mini-kayak.


Raft sur le Giffre

Rafting is about going down the river in a team with an big inflatable boat. A guide will supervise the team of 8 people and teach the use of the paddle.

Price: 40€/pers

Price: 35€/-11yrs

Price: 38€/-14yrss

From 7 years old


Un groupe de nage en eau vive sur le Giffre

Hydrospeed is about swimming down the river…Holding a float and wearing a protective wetsuit, your fins will help you pilot. Great sensations guaranteed!

Price for beginner trip: 44€

Price for advanced riders trip: 46€

From 12 years old

Mini-kayak and Air-Boat

Mini-kayak sur le Giffre

The air-boat is a kayak, but much easier! It’s basically an inflatable kayak. That makes it very easy to pilot. Very stable and manoeuvrable.

The Zulu Mini-Kayak (picture above). Even easier than the classic air-boat!

Price: 44€

From 10 years old


Un bateau de canoraft sur le Giffre

The Cano-Raft is an inflatable boat for 2 people. Enjoy the river with this easy to drive boat. Freedom and exitement!

Price: 44€/pers

From 10 years old